Junkyard Dogs (2020)

  • Drama, Crime
  • 12min

Dex is a twenty-something living in the claustrophobic farm town he was born and raised in. He and his friends have spent the last 5 years getting drunk, talking nonsense and doing mind-numbing, back-breaking labour at the local junkyard. He struggles to find meaning and a sense of fulfillment in his life and work, and fears he may be trapped in it forever.

For anyone who was born and raised in, or who has spent more than a few days in a backwoods Ontario town, the setting and characters of Junkyard Dogs will feel incredibly familiar. If you know these places, you know that these small towns are a mix of old folks living peacefully, and young rebels making trouble simply because there’s nothing else to do. These are the people we follow in Junkyard Dogs, a group of guys ripped straight out of the “_Out for a Rip_” music video who get into drugs and violence simply because they’re bored out of their minds. Not only is it fun to spend time with these characters, but Junkyard Dogs is also an insightful exploration of life on the fringes in rural Canada.


Devin Jones


Devin Jones


Natalie O'Neill


Noah Lalonde

Sound Designer

Amar Chhina

Production Designer

Brennan Priebe



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