Last Time (2021)

  • Drama, Romance, Avant-Garde
  • 18min

After the disappearance of her partner Florian, Monica attempts to avoid being alone by reaching out to an old lover, but all her actions are in vain, and she must eventually deal with accepting that she is truly alone.

A fire crackles and slowly fades to ashes. Much like the relationship that is central to this story, what may have once been a bright and full flame has burnt to the end of its potential. Captured in crisp black & white photography, and featuring a haunting electronic score, Last Time is both strikingly modern, and reminiscent of classical arthouse cinema. Inspired by the films of Michelangelo Antonioni and Eric Rohmer, this film takes an artful and profound look at the act of moving forward after heartbreak.


Egan Yi


Gwyn Hughes


Zachary Ness

Production Designer

Eva Kozlova

Art Director

Olivia Weatherall


John Magee

Sound Editor

Josh Fagen


Marko Paurevic


English, French



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